Prince Harry gives football a shot

Prince Harry is known for letting his hair (
and sometimes his pants) down when he visits
the U.S., and his most recent trip across the pond has been no
different so far — though at least this time, he seems to be
keeping his clothes on.

On Friday, England’s most eligible Apache helicopter-flying
bachelor attended a reception in Colorado, where he charmed the
crowd and
sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to American swimming
star Missy Franklin, who turned 18 the same day:

Then on Sunday, Harry took his talents to the football field
— but not the one he’s probably used to.

After jumping through a few hoops with the NCAA, Harry was able
to visit the Air Force Academy, where football coach Troy Calhoun
taught him the ropes of America’s game.

“The Prince was terrific,” Calhoun
told the media at the facility in Colorado

“You can tell he has great body coordination, he would be a
natural football player. He is aggressive, he is strong, he is
smart. I would love to sign him up to the Air Force Academy
football team if I could.

“Honestly I was a little surprised how good he was. It’s not an
easy game to pick up, and a football is not a regular ball.”

Unfortunately, NCAA rules prevented Falcons players from
participating, but they didn’t stop Harry from joining a
human pyramid with the Air Force cheerleaders and mascot