Ohio State band does it again

Ohio State was dominant again on Saturday, pummeling Penn State
63-14 for the team’s 20th consecutive victory, but if you can
believe it, the football team might not even be the most impressive
group of Buckeyes taking the field each weekend.

The Ohio State Band has been absolutely on point this season, as
marching bands go. Always considered one of the most skilled bands
in the country, OSU has made every halftime show a hit — from
clever game show routine earlier this season
to last week’s fantastic
Michael Jackson tribute.

Seemingly every show has checked off the three main boxes for a
good Ohio State halftime show — make fun of Michigan, play
great music and make inconceivable shapes out of humans — but
perhaps none has executed the job quite as soundly as
Saturday’s presentation, an ode to the big screen.

In a matter of about eight minutes, the Ohio State band moves
seamlessly from formations depicting a Superman logo to Clark Kent
in a phone booth to a Lord of the Rings tribute to Harry Potter
playing quidditch to a T-Rex eating a Michigan fan (and spitting
out his hat) to a battleship fight to a Jolly Roger — and
it’s absolutely riveting.

The staff at OSU deserves every penny it’s being paid, and
then some for its creativity each week. Because, whereas most
football fans see halftime as a good time for a potty break or a
snack run, the halftime show in Columbus has become must-see

The Best Damn Band In The Land, indeed.

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