Phil Knight ditches Oregon for ‘Bama

Last Thursday, Nike co-founder Phil Knight was on the sidelines at Stanford Stadium to watch his Oregon Ducks play the Cardinal.

Knight, of course, was dressed in his usual Oregon garb, a sight that has become routine since becoming the public face of Oregon in recent years.

So what happened when the Ducks lost to Stanford, eliminating them (for now, anyway) from the BCS national title discussion?

Two days later, at the LSU-Alabama game, this happened:

Uncle Phil, how could you? It took two days to ditch the Ducks and hop on the Alabama bandwagon?

Yes, we know you’re supporting another business partner, but you’re a Duck, not an elephant!

And if Alabama loses, what’s next? You gonna show up in Waco wearing some shiny gold helmet?

(Checking to see whether Baylor is a Nike school …)

(Oh, gosh, it is.)

Don’t do it, Phil. Follow your heart back to Eugene.