NCAA reaches $20 million settlement of video game claims

Former Arizona State QB Sam Keller (9) headed a group of plaintiffs in the suit involving the NCAA and Electronic Arts. 

Harry How / Getty Images North America

INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA has announced a $20 million settlement with former players over college-themed basketball and football video games produced by Electronic Arts.

The NCAA said Monday that the agreement will provide money to plaintiffs headed by former Arizona State quarterback Sam Keller. The case was scheduled for trial in March 2015.

The settlement will award $20 million to certain Division I men's basketball and Bowl Subdivision football players. Details were still be finalized.

The agreement was announced on the same day the NCAA heads to trial in federal court in California. Former UCLA star Ed O'Bannon and others filed a class-action lawsuit claims the NCAA over the use of their images in broadcasts and video games without compensation.  

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