Michigan mom asks son: Sure Clowney hit wasn’t your fault?

This image is so famous around college football it needs no explanation.



Jadeveon Clowney’s hit on Vincent Smith has been passed around so many times by now you probably want to forget about it.

It happened more than a year ago, when South Carolina played Michigan in the Outback Bowl.

If you want to watch again, then you can do so, but we imagine most people have ‘The Hit’ fatigue.

Well, how do you think it feels to be Joe Kerridge?

He was lined up in the backfield as Michigan’s fullback on that play and probably has been constantly (and wrongly) singled out as the guy who missed his assignment and allowed Smith’s near-death to occur.

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And how do you think it feels to be Kerridge on draft night, when his former teammate Taylor Lewan was taken with the No. 8 pick and the Clowney clip was inevitably replayed?

Probably not good, particularly when your mother reopens the wound by texting to ask: Son, uh, you sure you had a clue what you were doing out there?

Football moms. Gotta love ’em (Happy Mother’s Day!).