Michigan letting players keep legacy jerseys

Fans aren’t the only ones who never want to forget Michigan’s
last-second win over Notre Dame

Wolverines quarterback Denard Robinson and other players asked
athletic director Dave Brandon if they could keep their legacy
jerseys after the game and the answer was yes.

”They love those jerseys,” Brandon told The Associated Press.
”I walked out of the locker room, checked with compliance and got
the go ahead. The reason they’re getting the jerseys is they really
want them and NCAA rules allow us to do it because it was a special
event and the cost was under a threshold.”

Wolverines defensive end Ryan Van Bergen, one of the captains,
said he’s not worried about any of his teammates selling or trading
their jerseys.

”I think some school has probably made that a point that you’re
not supposed to do that,” Van Bergen said Monday. ”So, I think
it’s pretty clear that you’re supposed to just hold onto them. I
don’t see anybody trying to get rid of those any time soon.”

Rival Ohio State announced last season that several football
players sold memorabilia such as jerseys and Big Ten championship
rings for cash or traded them for discounted tattoos. The scandal
cost head coach Jim Tressel his job and triggered an NCAA

Michigan, which has sold a lot of the blue jerseys with a
maize-colored `M’ on the chest and stripes on the sleeves, has
apparently figured out a way to let the players have a

”I got it at home,” Van Bergen said. ”It’s pretty cool. We
thought they were going to auction them off, but we got to keep
them. Everybody is pretty excited about that. It’s unique. It’s one
of a kind and it’s awesome we get to keep those jerseys.”

Michigan coach Brady Hoke said he thought it was ”special”
that his players will own the jerseys.

Receiver Junior Hemingway had a patch on his No. 21 jersey,
honoring Desmond Howard as the first ”Michigan Football Legend.”
Brandon said that honor will not be given to another player again
this season.

”And, there’s no guarantee we will do one every year,” Brandon
told The AP. ”That will be a rare, well-considered event.”

Michigan beat Notre Dame 35-31 in front of a record crowd on
national TV, but is determined to forget about that game and focus
on the next one Saturday against Eastern Michigan.

”We have got to move forward fast,” Hoke said.

Running back Fitzgerald Toussaint is expected to play against
the Eagles, led by former Michigan assistant Ron English, after he
had a team-high 80 yards rushing in the opener and hurt his
shoulder. Hoke said he didn’t know if banged-up linebackers Brandon
Herron (leg) or Cam Gordon (back) would be healthy enough to play
in the third of five straight games at the Big House.