Meet Johnny Manziel’s lawyer

This is Johnny Manziel’s attorney, Jim Darnell.

Manziel’s family has retained Darnell, who’s
expected to defend their son against accusations he broke NCAA
amateurism rules by signing autographs in exchange for money. And
here’s a little scouting report:

Located: El Paso, Texas

Age: 58

Marital status: Married

Partner: Jeep Darnell

Second language: Spanish

Education: Dartmouth (’77), SMU (’80)

Relevant experience: Defended Baylor against NCAA
sanctions in the early 2000s, defended USC basketball coach Tim
Floyd against same.

Miscellaneous: Boy Scouts of America board of
directors (1990-2000)

Hat size: Unknown

God bless Texas, and God bless America.