Recruit says he dismissed LSU because Les Miles missed his phone call

Breeland Speaks, a four-star defensive line recruit in the Class of 2014, wanted to go to LSU. But after Les Miles missed Speaks' phone call, the recruit decided that was enough to flip his decision to Ole Miss.

Come on: Les Miles wasn't at least worth a second phone call?

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Give Breeland Speaks this at least: He has conviction and enough confidence to make a decision.

Now, whether a rational process was used to reach that decision, well ...

Speaks, a four-star defensive line recruit in the class of 2014, decided in January that LSU was his dream school and he wanted to play for the Tigers even though he had commited to Ole Miss.

So why is he now in Oxford preparing to play for the Rebels this fall?

According to Speaks, it was because LSU coach Les Miles missed his phone call when he was ready to commit. From the Clarion-Ledger:

"I was pretty close to going to LSU," Speaks said. "Very close, very, very close. But, one thing led to another, one phone call was missed and now I'm an Ole Miss Rebel."

Speaks has never been shy about LSU being his dream school, though an offer from the Tigers didn't come until January, nearly three months after he had committed to the Rebels. After a Jan. 17 visit to Baton Rouge, Speaks weighed his two strongest scholarship offers with his parents and placed a call to Les Miles and his coaching staff that was never answered.

A three- to four-year college decision changed, reportedly because one phone call wasn't answered.

Maybe Miles was getting a drink of water? Wouldn't you think of waiting a few minutes and calling the coach back? From the Ledger:

"One phone call," Speaks reiterated. "That's all it takes."

OK, then!

Speaks will have a chance to compete for playing time as a freshman, which possibly worked in Ole Miss' favor. He's also a Jackson, Miss., native.

"(Ole Miss) told me to keep up my athleticism because they want to get me in the rotation as soon as I'm ready," Speaks told the Ledger. "When the pads come on I want them to know they've got a solid No. 2 in Breeland Speaks."

The Breeland Speaks Third Person Era has begun, folks. All aboard.

(h/t College Football Talk)


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