Lawsuit against Gundy over Sooners shirt dismissed

A judge has dismissed most of a lawsuit filed by a contractor
who said he was fired by Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy
after showing up to work at the coach’s house wearing an Oklahoma
Sooners T-shirt.

Brent Loveland sued Gundy in 2011 for breach of contract and
emotional distress, saying Gundy became irate and fired him over
the rival school’s shirt.

Gundy denied the allegation and said Loveland was hired on a
day-to-day basis and could be fired at any time.

Associate District Judge Louis Duel last week sided with Gundy
and dismissed the lawsuit and ordered the two sides to mediation to
determine what – if any – money is owed to Loveland for any work he
performed at Gundy’s home. Duel ordered the two to mediation to
determine what, if any, amount of money Gundy owes Loveland for
work he did perform.

Documents filed in the case show that Loveland is asking for
more than $41,400 in damages.

Gundy’s attorney, William Baker, declined to discuss the case

”I think it’s premature to make comments until this matter is
completely settled,” Baker said.

Loveland’s attorney did not immediately return a phone call
seeking comment.

The lawsuit alleged that Gundy cursed Loveland after seeing him
wearing the shirt that bearing the words ”Oklahoma Baseball.”

Loveland said in his lawsuit that he had gotten dressed in the
dark in order to not awaken his wife, and did not realize he was
wearing an Oklahoma shirt when he went to Gundy’s home.