Jon Bon Jovi’s son on Irish roster

Making it to a BCS championship game affords a college football team "rock star" status — not that Notre Dame has ever had trouble getting noticed in a crowd.

And now we’ll find out what adding a rock star’s son to the "rock star" team does for the Fighting Irish’s visibility.

Jesse Bongiovi, the son of musician Jon Bon Jovi, has walked on with the football team in South Bend as a cornerback. Bongiovi was a top player in both lacrosse and football at Brooklyn’s Poly Prep the past two seasons.

“Jesse has earned his spot on the 105,” head coach Brian Kelly told Comcast Sportsnet Chicago. “He’s a tough kid."

He isn’t alone as far as celebrity status goes on the Notre Dame roster. His teammates include the sons of baseball player Torii Hunter, football player and announcer Cris Collinsworth and former NBA great David Robinson. Torri Hunter Jr. and Corey Robinson are receivers; Austin Collinsworth plays safety.