Jim Harbaugh nominates 'wise and competent' Judge Judy for Supreme Court


Justice Antonin Scalia reached his untimely conclusion back in February, leaving an open seat on the Supreme Court bench. It's an election year, and considering a Supreme Court judge hasn't been confirmed during an election year since 1988 (Justice Anthony Kennedy), we are in choppy, scantily-charted waters.

President Obama has already begun interviews to fill the vacancy, but he can go ahead and pack it in. Why? Because Jim Harbaugh has already solved the problem. 

Truth be told, he solved this problem last May when he spoke to FOX Sports about taking the Michigan job. 

"I love Judge Judy," he says. "We have some great Supreme Court members, tremendous Supreme Court currently that we have, but I'd love to see Judge Judy on the Supreme Court. I just love everything about her."

Harbaugh's been loud and consistent in gushing about his Judge Judy fandom, so at the very least this is selection bias, if not an outright conflict of interest. He said he wanted to invite Judge Judy to a 49ers practice back in 2013, and he appeared on the show

But ehhh. Why not? How bad could it really be having Judge Judy as a sitting Supreme Court Justice?

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