Iron Bowl madness: Fake tickets, mean signs and more

Fans have been waiting for the Iron Bowl for 364 days, but they didn’t wait for kickoff to start heating things up.

There’s no love lost between Alabama and Auburn faithful, and check out some of the ire being dispensed on social media and at the stadium. Here are some of the best (or worst) from off the field at Saturday’s incredible game.

A not-so-subtle reminder that Nick Saban isn’t always as loyal as he might seem:

Katherine Webb went to Auburn, and Tigers fans won’t let AJ McCarron forget it:

The traditional Auburn pre-game Tiger Walk:

Predictably, someone was trying to scam their way into ticket money:

Webb and McCarron’s mom, Dee Dee, get ready for the game:

"Nick Saban Hates Christmas" … our sources have yet to confirm:

An Alabama fan drops an excellent photbomb on an otherwise pro-Auburn shot:

A most creative way to say "Roll Tide":