CFB AM: Florida's freshman phenom QB amazes with catch mid-backflip

Florida freshman QB pulled off an incredible backflip-catch combo you must see. Plus, Big Ten Media Days and more notes from around college football.

Will Grier's potential has a lot of Florida fans fired up about the future in Gainesville.

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If Will Muschamp’s ideal plan unfolds as he’d like this fall, Will Grier won’t take one meaningful snap for the Florida Gators.

Not because Grier isn’t talented or is a liability – he’s an exceptional quarterback prospect who enrolled early at Florida, competed in spring practice and figures to know the way to Florida’s bright future.

It’s just that, ideally, Jeff Driskel stays healthy and adopts new offensive coordinator Kurt Roper’s system seamlessly and the Gators score many, many points without issue.

That would be the best version of Florida’s 2014 season.

So in the meantime, how can Grier continue to excite Florida fans about his potential?

By doing insane, superhuman things like catching footballs midway through a backflip that he began flat-footed.

Here’s the video for you non-believers:

The crazy part? On Grier’s Instagram post, the blurb is, “Messing around after a workout with my boy @thebasedone30.”

After a workout.

For those keeping score: This is much more impressive than the stunt the well-known QB over at Florida State pulled off earlier this spring.


1. It’s Day 2 of Big Ten Media Days in Chicago, where various players will speak at a luncheon, after which we will be done with media days season and ever so close to actual football. Here are the players scheduled to be in Chicago if interested. 

2. The most notable thing that happened at Day 1 in Chicago? Well, there was more talk about Northwestern and the depressing word “union” was mentioned some more, but I assume you don’t want those gory details. So here’s the most notable thing: Nebraska coach Bo Pelini began his time with the media by giving an update on his cat (if you’re out of the loop on the whole Pelini cat thing, read about him bringing one to the spring game). Also: Penn State coach James Franklin refused to ride any elevator that didn’t have the Nittany Lions logo on it. He’s lovably and certifiably insane.

3. Last week, Oklahoma freshman running back Joe Mixon was accused of punching a woman in the face and breaking four bones. No arrests were made, and Norman police were conducting an investigation. On Monday, Mixon’s attorney, Kevin Finlay, released this statement:

“This past Friday morning Joe Mixon found himself in a situation where he was subjected to both verbal and physical attacks from a very intoxicated and troubled young woman.  As a result of these physical attacks, Joe instinctually defended himself against further harm.
“As promised, Joe met with investigators from the Norman Police Department this afternoon. Throughout the meeting, Joe continued to be forthcoming and cooperative with their investigation.
“We are looking forward to a thorough investigation and are very much looking forward to the truth coming out.  As we have always maintained, Joe has done nothing wrong.”


1. Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon chimed in on the “tumultuous” future of the NCAA.

2. The Texas A&M jersey Johnny Manziel allegedly wore during the home games of his 2012 season, in which he won the Heisman Trophy, has been obtained by an auction house that estimates it will fetch more than $100,000. Whoever drops that much cash on a jersey has too much cash.

3. Texas landed a big WR recruit from Florida, as Charlie Strong continues to work his Sunshine State pipeline. This might be some of the best news of all for the Longhorns, as they never recruited Florida under Mack Brown (yes, they didn’t need to, given how much talent Texas produces). But if Strong gets rolling and can pluck elite talent from two of the three-most fertile recruiting states in the country – with Florida being in the thick of SEC country no less – then the recruiting battles with Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin will get fun in a hurry.


1. Watch Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris go insane at the white board. Pretty funny.

2. Here’s a video of Big 12 coaches reading mean tweets. I don’t know why, but Dana Holgorsen saying, “I got a great girl in Morgantown who cuts my hair,” cracked me up.

3. Not-so-good Tennessee news: A few former players had some harsh things to say about former coach Derek Dooley. Awesome Tennessee news: Peyton Manning showed us how to dance to Rocky Top.


* How to make a 2014 preseason top 25, by Spencer Hall.

* As usual, Stanford football players are doing big things this summer off the field.

* I don’t even know what to say about Texas kicker Nick Rose’s team photo except, “Doesn’t Charlie Strong have a rule against egregious infractions like this?”

Have a good Tuesday, all.

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