Plane crash shakes up Gator fans

It was panning out to be a great first night game for Florida Gators fans in Gainesville on Saturday. But then a tailgating event came to a screeching halt and almost turned into a disaster.

A banner plane fell out of the sky and crashed at Flavet Field on Florida’s campus. Thankfully the car that it reportedly landed on was unoccupied. Ironically, the company who owned the plane is the same company that flew the "Tebow Why Not?" plane over a Jacksonville Jaguars game.





There were two passengers in the plane at the time of the crash. Both are alive but suffered several lacerations.





It wasn’t a pretty sight. Thankfully it wasn’t a fatal crash and fans were able to resume their festivities.



Florida was coming off a heartbreaking loss to Miami a month ago and Gator fans made a joke about the sky falling.

Well, I’m sure they would take that one back now. It was still a good outcome for what could have been a deadly ending.

H/T to Yardbarker