Kansas’ confusing fake punt attempt

On this one, we’re going to spare Charlie Weis a mention of the
“decided schematic advantage” quote.

We’re not going to bring that up because there is, we’ll
concede, a reasonable level of doubt as to who, precisely, is to
blame for this.

As you can see, Weis’ Jayhawks were backed up against their own
goal line in the first half of a 10-10 game at home against Texas
Tech. If there was a scale that measured when it was a good time to
fake a punt, this would have been all the way over to the left, at
The Worst.

The decision was exacerbated by the design. There was none. It
looked like the idea was to snap it to the punter and just have him
run for it while nobody was looking.



But the Red Raiders were looking and two plays later they scored
a touchdown. The next time you looked, Texas Tech was up 27-10 and
went on to roll to a 54-16 win.

There are those who think punter Trevor Padula caught a whiff of
glory and decided to run for it and others who suspect the play
call gave Padula freedom to fake if he saw the right thing.

Because the alternative — that Charlie Weis made the worst call
in the history of football — is too difficult to believe. Charlie
will do some wild stuff, and Charlie might be getting a little
desperate, but this? Take another look at the play in its

Surely he’s not capable of this.

Is he?