Columnist races to Garcia’s defense

Sergio Garcia got plenty of heat for his “fried chicken” comment directed toward Tiger Woods when the Spanish golfer spoke at a recent awards dinner.

Frank Beckmann, a columnist for the Detroit News, radio host in Motown and radio voice of Michigan football, wasn’t happy with the reaction to Garcia’s remark, and wrote so in a column on

Read the entire piece to get the full idea of what he is saying, but here’s a sampling that is sure to get people squawking.

“… To the politically correct, the mention of fried chicken is an immediate endorsement of slavery rather than a testament to the innovative determination of the American slave population to improve its own physical wellbeing by creating a readily available dish which improved their diet.

Making fried chicken and popularizing it could thus be viewed as an accomplishment that should serve as a testament to the determination of a group of people who found an inventive way to subsist while enduring unimaginable and deplorable living conditions.

But that would remove the opportunity of the political elite to capitalize by creating an atmosphere of victimization.

The controversy, like all those created by the politically correct, comes down to interpreting the connection of historical events — abhorrent as some like slavery, are — to current day custom and the melting pot that is America.

If fried chicken, or the mention of it, is to be generally viewed as being a racist dish then we should not allow franchise restaurants that feature such fare to operate in largely African-American communities like Detroit.”

Is Beckmann advancing the debate with a well-thought-out point, or is he putting his (chicken) foot in his mouth?

Or maybe he’s trying to score a Charles Ramsey-type deal and get free KFC for life.