Before the 2010 season, be sure you’re well rested

It’s almost game time—are you ready?

The 2010 football season is almost here. It’s hard to
believe that USC at Hawaii and Pitt at Utah are around the corner,
but before we get engulfed in the season that is almost upon us,
let’s remember what happened in 2009 and the off-season that
shook up the world of college football.

There was Alabama’s freakishly fast defense,
Washington’s epic upset over USC and of course, a moment that
still has yet to heal in Western Pennsylvania—the Cincinnati
Bearcats win over my beloved Pitt Panthers.

Smaller stories that inspired communities like Bill Snyder and
his Kansas State Wildcats returning to the win column, TCU and Andy
Dalton’s path to a BCS bowl game against Boise State, who
seem to be getting comfortable in BCS games, and my personal
favorite—the Iowa State Cyclones head coach Paul Rhoads and
his post-game speech that landed on YouTube after his squad upset
Nebraska—kept mid-west teams in the headlines.

Yes, there were moments that made us sick like week one and
LeGarrette Blount, Michigan’s struggles at the Big House and
Georgia ranking 80th in the nation in passing yards.

Furthermore, it was impressive and then awkward when Urban Meyer
resigned only to tell us he was just kidding, confusing to many
when Pete Carroll returned to the league he never thought he would,
and uncomfortable when Lane Kiffin called a press conference in
Knoxville. But that is the wild world that we all love and the
reasons that get some of us through the day, let alone each passing

On the flipside, there were memories that also choked us up such
as Jake Olson when he taught the USC Trojans how this game goes
beyond the sideline and Bill Withers lesson for generation X
regarding what award winning music sounds, looks and feels

Those moments spurred from the rock-solid foundation laid by Tim
Tebow, Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy. And even though Tebow, Bradford
or McCoy could not lead their teams to a National Championship
trophy under the Pasadena Mountains, they did remind us why we love
the men under center. They each represented the leadership, class,
and poise that the Next Generation of Quarterbacks will carry into

Young men like Ponder, Locker, Luck, Mallet, Cousins, Johnson,
Harris, Moore, Jones, Weber, Barkley, Foles, Gabbert, Crist,
Gilbert and Brantley are set to become the idols of aspired QBs
around the country and their journey will be one that we will
surely follow with anticipation.

It’s time for college football.

Hope you’re well rested as we are about to do this all
over again—it’s almost game time.