Auburn fan made himself sick to skip wedding and watch 2013 Iron Bowl

One Auburn fan intentionally got sick so he could skip a wedding scheduled for the exact same time as the 2013 Iron Bowl. It was worth it.

What did you sacrifice to watch your favorite college football game last season?

A few hours on another Saturday?

Some free time spent doing things for your spouse?

How about your general health?

That's what one Auburn fan gave up so he could ditch a wedding scheduled for the exact same time as the 2013 Iron Bowl and watch his Tigers beat Alabama.

According to SB Nation, an Auburn fan named Garrett intentionally hung around a sick family member on Thanksgiving, hoping to catch a bug that would render him useless and on the couch Saturday afternoon.

From SB Nation:

The wedding was scheduled to start at 3:30 pm eastern. The exact time of the Iron Bowl.
My sister-in-law was sick all Thanksgiving Day. She had quarantined herself to a guest bedroom during all of the festivities, though she began making an appearance that night.
It started out as kind of a joke. Everyone knew I was tortured over having to miss the biggest Iron Bowl ever for a wedding, so they were saying things like, "Wouldn't it be funny if you caught the bug and couldn't go?" The more I thought about it, the more it started making sense to my tryptophan-soaked brain.
So I basically just started treating her like she didn't have the plague, which is what the rest of the family was doing. I didn't do anything crazy like eat or drink after her, which I guess would make sense if I was really serious about it. I kind of half-assed it. Just sat beside her. Gave her a good-bye hug at the end of the day.
It was about a 36-hour bug. It started hitting me a couple of hours before kickoff, right about the time I was going to have to decide if I was really going to go to the wedding or not. I was violently ill about thirty minutes to game time, but managed to make it through the whole game without any other incidences. The next 24 hours after the game were a living hell though.
I'd like to tell you I feel bad for doing it, but no, it was totally worth it. If it had ended up being less than what actually occurred, I'd probably feel pretty guilty. But then I think about it the other way around, if I had missed the greatest ending to an Iron Bowl ever, and I imagine feeling way worse in that case.
That probably makes me a bad person, but I'm not the one who broke the cardinal sin of Southern wedding scheduling. I gave them a big wedding gift. We're even. Haha.

War Eagle, indeed.

Before you go, relive Chris Davis' magic one more time:

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