Johnny Halloween

johnny manziel halloween costume contest

Yesterday we solicited nominations for Johnny Manziel's Halloween costume this year.  

The number of responses blew me away. Twitter, Facebook, and my email were inundated with suggestions. You can go check out our #johnnyhalloween hashtag on Twitter to see the variety and quality of suggestions. The number of costume ideas was well over ten thousand. 

I tried to pick the best nominations, costumes that I think would potentially break the Internet in the process if Manziel wore them out on Halloween.

With that in mind, these were the 12 best nominees to allow you guys to vote on. 

I'm going to keep voting open through this weekend's games. 

But before we go any further, these Johnny Hancock photoshops that I asked you for on Twitter last night are just extraordinary. 

This one is by @williamplynch. 

Johnny has been notified of the nominees and has the power, if he so desires, to swing the vote in the direction of whichever of these costumes he prefers. 

He also can say nothing at all and wait to see which one Outkick readers deem the best costume.

Also, with the exception of Zombie Mack Brown, which I came up with, each of these costumes received multiple nominations, often, a dozen or more. So please don't obsessively Tweet or email me demanding, "credit." If you doubt me, just scroll through the thousands of nominations at #johnnyhalloween.

Thanks for all the suggestions.  

So without further ado, time to get your vote on. (If you are in love with one of these costumes and would like to photoshop an image here, you can Tweet me @claytravisbgid or email me,, the image and I'll include it as an illustration of one of these costume options.)

1. Scooby Doo

Why mess with success?

When you have a classic Halloween costume that nearly broke the Internet and set you off on a college football whirlwind that included the Heisman trophy and an undefeated post-Halloween close, why change anything at all?

It's a true classic. 

2. Zombie Mack Brown

Mack Brown's coaching future at Texas is dead. 

So why not dress up as Zombie Mack Brown? 

3. AJ McCarron

Replete with the chest tattoo. 

If you really wanted to sex up the costume, bring a girl along for the ride dressed up as Katherine Webb in the newest Carl Jr's commercial. 

4. A $100 bill

On the $100 bill write, "To Darren Rovell," and then sign your autograph beneath it.


5. Kenny Powers

Manziel as Kenny Powers just feels right, doesn't it?

6. Nicky Satan

With a nod to Vanderbilt coach James Franklin for coining the phrase, this would be epic -- Manziel dressed as devil Nick Saban. 

Can you imagine Nick Saban being asked at a press conference what he thought of Johnny Manziel's Nicky Satan costume?

This would be outstanding. 

7. Johnny Hancock

The most famous man to ever sign his autograph in America meets the most famous college player to ever sign his autograph. 

Johnny could also get the most ladies while wearing a powdered wig since the Marquis de Sade. 

8. Kliff Kingsbury

Kingsbury told SI's Andy Staples he wanted to take Manziel to the 2014 World Cup with him as a wingman. 

The only guy more popular with the girls in College Station than Johnny Manziel?

Kliff Kingsbury. 

Voila, they're wedded together. 

9. Archie Manning

If Johnny wore an old school Archie Manning jersey with an oversized cell phone charger around his neck Flava Flav style, we'd all lose it.  

10. The wrecking ball from the Miley Cyrus video

The number of you who want Manziel to be a large wrecking ball because you believe every girl would want to climb all over him and get her picture taken is both horrifying and astoundingly brilliant at the same time. 

11. Tim Tebow

The last time Manziel wore a Tebow jersey he made national news. 

Why not double down?

12. Sharpie Pen

Simple, to the point, classic and elegant. 


I'll leave voting open until Monday at noon central at which point I will announce the winner. 

You can check back on the vote totals as often as you would like. 

Happy Halloween. 

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