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Alabama Fan Arrested For Drug Possession Offers, "Roll Tide," Defense

Early this morning an Alabama fan was arrested for drug possession. He had an intriguing criminal defense strategy.

Stacy Revere / Getty Images North America

Early yesterday morning Alabama police conducted a drug raid. Accompanying the raid was a local Birmingham CBS news crew. Most of the men arrested for crimes were quiet. 

But not all of them. 

Heath McDonald was arrested for possession of controlled substances. He's the one in the Alabama pajama pants. Asked for his response to his arrest he said, "I'm innocent. Roll Tide!"

Watch for yourself. 


McDonald later admits that he has no prescription for the pills he was arrested for. (I'm sure his court-appointed lawyer will love that admission of guilt.) Asked why he did so as he was loaded into a police van in his Alabama Crimson Tide pajama pants, he said, "It was stupid."

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