Infographic: Relive some of the tourney's most thrilling shots

Every year, we crave the exciting finishes the NCAA tournament is so fond of providing. Take a stroll back through some of the best ever in the history of the game.

The NCAA tournament has begun, and the very first game already gave us an ending that could be worthy of this graphic.

What better way to get into the tourney spirit than with a stroll down memory lane with some of the most exciting game-winning shots in the event's history?

The graphic below will take care of you. Mouse over the play buttons on each team logo and a window will pop up to show you a video of one of those memorable moments.

From Christian Laettner's iconic shot against Kentucky in the 1992 Final Four to Tyus Edney's runner to save UCLA's bacon in 1995, each one is bound to give you a chill or two. 

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