Get the look: Dress like Bill Belichick for under $50

How often have you said you'd like to dress like your favorite NFL coach? Luckily, you can nail this look -- and on the cheap.

The Bill Belichick collection, by Bill Belichick.

Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images North America

Bill Belichick shocked the fashion -- and Twitter -- world on Saturday when he showed up to the Florida Gators' third-round matchup vs. the Pittsburgh Panthers with a new look.

The New England Patriots coach, better known for his sideline hooded sweatshirts (see below), appeared with girlfriend Linda Holliday while sporting a blue-striped dress shirt and Gators visor.

Saturday's attire was pretty different from one of the coach's more recognizable Sunday looks:

Otto Greule Jr / Getty Images North America

But, hey, those are work clothes, which you can read more on at Bleacher Report. (For now, just take a moment to imagine how great it would be to dress like that every workday . . .)

Anyway, the look got some buzz on social media:

How often have you said you'd like to dress like your favorite NFL coach, whether your fashion icon be the sweater-vested Rex Ryan or the khaki'd Jim Harbaugh?

Al Pereira / Getty Images North America
Scott Cunningham / Getty Images North America

Luckily, this look can be yours, and you can nail it on the cheap.

First, hit up the sales rack at Macy's:


Unbutton the shirt to the second button for authenticity.

Then, head over to the Florida Gators official store and pick up the visor that pulls everything together:


And, now you're in vogue, Bill Belichick style.

You can see more from the official catalogue of the Bill Belichick collection below, shot in Pebble Beach, Calif.*

Stephen Dunn / Getty Images North America
Stephen Dunn / Getty Images North America

* - We're kidding. There is nothing official about these pictures, but that would be amazing.

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