Guess who? Can you figure out the identity of this ACC star?

He's keyed an impressive turnaround and set record along the way. Who is this ACC runner?

FOX Sports South ACC sideline reporter Jenn Hildreth gives you an inside look at some of the conference's biggest names. Can you figure out who this week's mystery player is?

"You wanna know what it's like to tackle (this guy)? Stand on the highway and try to tackle a Mack Truck."
-- Brian Stann, FOX Sports South Analyst

I stood there, surrounded by my teammates, listening to the crowd chant my name, and I saw the screen in the stadium flash the news –- I had just set the single-season rushing record. I broke my own single-game rushing record, and the ACC single-game rushing record, too. So, I figured it might be a good time to step out onto the field, face the crowd that was seeing me play on my home field for the final time in my career, and take a bow.

It was a moment I will never forget.

I am part of a senior class that is determined to get my school back on track when it comes to football, and the game we won last weekend ... went a long way toward doing just that. We have now won as many games this year as we did the last two combined. I believe we are playing inspired football, not just for ourselves, or for our fiery new coach, but for all of our school and alumni. We preach family here, and I play for my football family, and the family that has been my inspiration since day one.

My older brother got into some trouble when he was younger, and he never got the opportunity to play at the level at which I now compete. I play for him. The number I wear is his. I also play for my mom, who raised me and taught me everything I know.

I am majoring in Applied Psychology and Human Development, so I'm a pretty thoughtful guy. I am a teaching assistant for a freshman seminar, and when it comes to my team, I'm happy to teach -- and lead -- there, too.

I will do whatever it takes, and I know that means running the ball. A lot. My offensive coordinator said 30 carries is a "healthy day" for me, but hey, it gets results.  

When I set the single-game record -- for the first time -- this season, I did it with two fourth-quarter touchdowns. I just kept hearing my coach in my head, asking who would be the guy to step up and make a play when we needed it. I got in a zone, and when I get in a zone ... something good's gonna happen.

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