Boston College, cameraman fooled by Villanova fake punt

It didn’t take long for Villanova coach Andy Talley to open up the playbook on Boston College.

Talley, who is opening up his 34th season on the sidelines with 226 career wins, has acquired some tricks along the way — and his Wildcats unveiled one in the first quarter of their season opener: fooling the Eagles, the cameraman, Steve Addazio, Doug Flutie and every other person associated with the ACC university with a brilliant double-snap fake punt.

If we’re using the TV screen for cardinal directions, everyone ran south as Jamal Abdur-Rahman ran north. It’s early, but we have a candidate for the top play of the day (gif via SBNation:

The play is wonderfully executed and (obviously) poorly defended. After snapping the ball directly to the up back, Abdur-Rahman, Villanova ran what appeared to be a second snap and an option play to the near sideline. But, pay attention Eagles, Abdur-Rahman never actually “snapped” the ball to his teammates, and by the time the camera catches up to him sprinting up the field, he already has his arms spread like Usain Bolt as he crosses the Eagles’ goal line.

That’s not an ideal start to the Addazio Era.