Wild scenes from a massive rain storm during Saints-Panthers showdown

You're going to want to see these images from a very rainy game in Charlotte.

Let it rain!


Holy downpour, NFL fans.

The Saints and Panthers were locked up in a big NFC South game in Charlotte when suddenly a whole bunch of rain started falling from the sky. The Panthers ended up winning the game, 17-13, to clinch their first trip to the playoffs since 2008.

Let's take a look at some of the craziest moments from the storm.

First, there's this fan who was lucky enough to be sitting under a stream of water falling from the upper deck (GIF via SBNation):

Our own Pam Oliver was unfazed by the weather:

Here's a view from the press box:

Some beers didn't make it:

This is what it was it looked like on television:

And here's some more water:


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