#ThingsTimHowardCouldSave are vast and hysterical [PHOTOS]

Tim Howard saves the Titanic, the dinosaurs from extinction and other feats.

United States' goalkeeper Tim Howard makes a save during the World Cup round of 16 soccer match between Belgium and the USA.

Themba Hadebe / AP

Team USA goalkeeper Tim Howard made 16 incredible saves in the Americans' 2-1 defeat to Belgium on Tuesday, the most by any goalie in a World Cup game since 1966.

Though the U.S. ultimately fell in extra time, Howard's unbelievable performance has not gone unappreciated by Americans, by Belgium captain Vincent Kompany, and especially not by people skilled with Photoshop who believe that Tim Howard could save pretty much anything -- Janet Jackson from her "wardrobe malfunction," the dinosaurs from extinction, tragic Disney characters and so on. 

Perhaps after he's had some time to heal, Howard can get a kick out of these, too (I swear that pun was not intended but it's staying).

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