The Amazing Kreskin nailed his Super Bowl XLVIII predictions

Not only did he almost get the score right (he was one point off) but he picked the MVP two days before the game was played.

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The Amazing Kreskin is a guy who knows what you're thinking. He also knows what's going to happen before it actually does.

The fine folks at had the acclaimed mentalist make a Super Bowl prediction last Friday and then revealed his prediction Tuesday.

The Amazing Kreskin was supposed to reveal his prediction Monday, but a snowstorm delayed the process. I don't know whether he predicted the snowstorm, too, but chances are he knew his Monday would be free.

So how did he do?

He picked the Seahawks to win. Not a huge deal, right? He had a 50-50 shot at it, after all.

He also took a shot at what the final score would be. His prediction? 43-9. That's right, he was one point off, as the Seahawks won 43-8. 

The Amazing Kreskin wasn't done yet. He also predicted one player from the Seahawks would make a big play and be honored for it after the game.

That player? He wrote down "M. Smith."

Malcolm Smith, a linebacker for the Seahawks, returned an interception for a touchdown and was later named MVP.

"My people gave me a list of key names, and he wasn't even there on the list," the Amazing Kreskin said in the video below. "Something kept obsessing me about this."

I know what you're thinking: This has to be fake because this is the Internet and most things like this on the Internet are fake. However, if you watch the video below, you'll see the Amazing Kreskin wrote down his predictions and then locked them in separate boxes, which weren't opened until Tuesday.

He didn't even want to touch the boxes as they were opened just in case someone would think he was pulling a fast one.

So, it seems real. Well, I hope it's real because I've bought into it. If it's not real, I'm going to feel really bad about myself.

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