Professor reportedly will fail player for playing in national tournament

Hannah Leslie reportedly was given an ultimatum.

A Missouri college volleyball player reportedly will not be allowed to play in a national championship tournament this week because one of her professors doesn’t want her missing class.

That’s according to FOX 2 in St. Louis, which is reporting that Hannah Leslie, a 19-year-old freshman and scholarship player on the team at East Central College, was given an ultimatum from her biology professor, known as Dr. Parvee.

Dr. Parvee’s message: Miss one more class, and you’ll have to retake the whole course.

According to FOX 2, Leslie has missed three other biology lectures this year due to her athletic schedule, but got an excuse note from the school’s athletic director for each absence. There is a professor named Dr. Parvadha Govindaswamy in East Central’s biology department, but attempts by FOX Sports to reach her Wednesday were not successful.

East Central’s president told FOX 2 that professors are permitted to run their class however they see fit, so it does not appear the school will be stepping in to rectify the situation. However, the school did make arrangements for Leslie to fly to Toledo, Ohio, where the NJCAA DII national championships are being played, to participate in Thursday’s first game, then fly back in time for class on Friday. The tournament is slated to run Thursday through Saturday.

Fortunately — or perhaps unfortunately — for Leslie, her team’s quest for a national title might not extend past Thursday, anyway. East Central (20-25) is the No. 16 seed in the tournament, and will meet top-ranked Cowley County (31-4) in the first round.

The teams played earlier this season, with Cowley winning in straight sets. Another loss to Cowley Thursday would mean East Central could finish no better than seventh in the tournament, should it win out.

According to FOX 2, Leslie plans to transfer from East Central next semester.

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