Pete Carroll gave awesome explanation for mysterious scratch on his face

You might have noticed a big scratch on Pete Carroll's left cheek during the Super Bowl. Now we know what it was from.

Elsa / Getty Images

If you watched the Super Bowl on Sunday night, you probably noticed a big scratch on Pete Carroll's face.

It was, after all, pretty hard to miss.

Many people on Twitter wondered what happened.

After the game, our own Peter Schrager asked Carroll about it on FOX Sports Live, and the answer was pretty much what you'd expect from Carroll.

"I did get hit returning a kickoff in practice this week," Carroll said with a chuckle. "I jumped in to give Percy (Harvin) a break, trying to do the right thing, and Derrick Coleman grabs me and (Chris) Maragos comes in and gives me a shot in the head.

"We covered kicks like wild men tonight so it was OK. If I contributed to that in any way I'll take the hit."

Not many head coaches in the NFL would jump in and return a kick during any practice, let alone during a practice before the Super Bowl. But that's Carroll for you. Oh yeah, he's also 62 years old.

Harvin, by the way, had a pretty good night returning kicks as he took the opening kickoff in the second half 87 yards for a TD. <><>

You can watch Carroll's entire post-game interview right here:

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