Max Scherzer explains his role in Kate Upton-Bryan Holaday photo

Pitcher has a perfectly good reason for wearing a sombrero in viral picture.

By now, you've probably seen the picture that Tigers pitcher Joba Chamberlain tweeted of teammate Bryan Holaday (in swimsuit) and Kate Upton.

In case you missed it, here's a reminder of the photo that Chamberlain shared with his followers on Sunday evening, which ended up going viral in the sports blogosphere.

While everyone was focused on Holiday's look and Upton hanging out with the Tigers, thanks to her relationship with pitcher Justin Verlander, something important has gone unnoticed.

In the bottom left corner of the photo sits pitcher Max Scherzer wearing a sombrero.

Scherzer's took to Twitter to explain why he was wearing the hat:

By his "I've got it out in the car" statement, it's unclear whether Scherzer was referring to the sombrero or the swimsuit. But both would be odd items to carry around.

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