John Daly claims he has lost $55 million gambling

Golfer says the losses came during a 16-year span.

Sam Greenwood / Getty Images North America

Everyone knows that golfer John Daly has a few vices.

It seems that gambling may be his biggest vice.

In a new interview with Yahoo's Graham Bensinger, Daly claims he lost approximately $55 million between 1991 and 2007.

When asked how something like that could happen, Daly offered a simple, one-word answer: "stupidity."

The golfer was also asked if he had any regrets about blowing all that money.

"I did it. I moved on from it. I had a lot of fun doing it," he said, before explaining that it really just breaks down to only $3.1 million per year.

Well, when you put it like that . . .

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