J.J. Watt appears to have a (healthy) obsession with breakfast foods

'I go to bed looking forward to breakfast' said the All-Pro defensive end.



Scott Halleran

We knew All-Pro Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt absolutely loved breakfast foods, but perhaps we failed to appreciate the depths of his devotion.

Previously on a podcast with The Buzzer's Jimmy Traina, Watt said he ate two breakfasts per day. "First breakfast: five eggs, some hash browns, whole wheat pancakes, a banana, orange juice, water and an apple," Watt said. "Second breakfast: oatmeal, five eggs, wheat toast."

On Tuesday night, before the 6-foot-5, 289-pounder went to sleep, he posted a few notes on his breakfast-y dreams:

No mention of sausages, steak and eggs, bagels and cream cheese (fist bump, my Jewish friends) and other breakfast classics -- but that's the trouble with 140 characters.

When Watt's playing career is over, perhaps he can turn this passion into public service and become the first United States Secretary of Breakfast.

Until then, expect more egg-fueled sacks. And if you arrive at a breakfast buffet at the same time as Watt, find another establishment.

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