Pacers' Hibbert keeps up Twitter gold with critique of 'Animal Farm'

A classic piece of literature apparently made a big impression on Indiana center Roy Hibbert, who's quite the social media personality.

Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert is best known for his play on the hardwood, but he's also become a very entertaining Twitter follow.  

While rebounding and shot-blocking skills have helped lead him to his second NBA All-Star game this season, on Monday night, Hibbert had subjects other than basketball on his mind.

In the span of less than an hour, Hibbert wondered about the whereabouts of old pen pals and expressed his desire to compete in either the British Open or the World Cup.

And in between, he gave a critique of George Orwell's 1945 masterpiece, "Animal Farm." *Note to educators everywhere: If you want your students to read, just have Hibbert pitch the assignment to the class.

It's not as if Hibbert hasn't shared his thoughts on art before, but he isn't always glowing in his reviews —€” sorry, Johnny Depp, but it's true:

Who will be next to get the thumbs up/down from Hibbert remains to be seen.

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