Fan petitions for 'Weird' Al to headline Super Bowl halftime show

The petition to get the 'Eat It' singer to perform the halftime event has already amassed over 7.5K signatures ... and counting.

Weird or no? Should this man be the next Super Bowl halftime performer? 

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In the face of super groups and other blockbuster names in contention to perform the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show at the University of Arizona stadium in Glendale, Arizona on Feb. 1, 2015, a fan has started a petition to get cultural icon and genius parodist "Weird" Al Yankovic the headlining slot. 

Seattle-based Ed Ball posted a petition Wednesday on asking to get the cultural icon (and current Billboard 200 album holder) as the main performer of football's juggernaut event, stating that Weird Al has "entertained fans, young and old" and "would remain true to the standards and quality of the show business we have come to love and respect out of this prestigious event." The petition also suggested the original artists could come join Yankovic on stage.   

As of press time, the petition has been signed by over 7,500 supporters, and the numbers are rapidly growing. 

Yankovic himself has reached a cultural apex of late, as the pop satirist's latest effort, Mandatory Fun, was his first album to reach No. 1 in its debut week after four decades in the business. 

In fact, Fun's "Sports Song," which pokes fun at obnoxious sports attendees, was inspired by fans' previous efforts to have him play the Super Bowl halftime show. 

"I wrote it originally because of the big fan-driven effort to get me to play the Super Bowl, which I should say I understand that's never going to happen," Yankovic told LA-based radio station KROQ in July. "But it got me thinking, if I did . . . what would I play? I don't have a sports song, so I need a sports song. This is it. I find a vacuum in pop culture and I fill it."

Though Yankovic himself has said he doesn't think he was necessarily suited for football's biggest event. "I wouldn't be able to wrap my head around it," Yankovic told KROQ's Kevin and Bean. "I don't think I'm Beyonce famous. I'm really thrilled and flattered that there are so many people trying to spearhead that effort."

But judging from the massive, growing reponse Wednesday on, the people are more than ready to have the singer of classics like "Eat It," "Amish Paradise" and "Smells Like Nirvana" take to the Super Bowl halftime stage. 

Comedian Patton Oswalt saw it coming: 

This is how the petition's author sees it:

"I am a life long football fan, former high school player, and enjoy classic rock artists performing on the big stage. Loved seeing the Stones, Tom Petty, and the Who. Foo Fighters or AC/DC would be excellent future choices too. However, they already appeal to the 'Average Joe' fan, and do not reach out to a wider audience. Furthermore, I do not want to sit through another Black Eyed Peas disaster or see Nicki Minaj verbal vomit some lyrics that I cannot understand. And do you want Miley Cyrus?!? Because this is how you will end up with Miley Cyrus!!! Think about the Super Bowls of past years, when you had no vested interest in either team, especially during a game that was a blowout or boring. What did you remember the most? I'm betting it was typically the humorous commercials, or some kick a** halftime performance. Why not combine the two? Sure, many consider Weird Al a bit, a gimmick comedic artist. But you cannot deny that he has crafted his art and been successful over the past 4 decades, gaining the respect and approval of every artist he parodies. I have loved him since I was a child, and I know he puts on a helluva live show."

"Weird" Al is a man of the people — and the Super Bowl is an event that reaches out to the most. According to New Yorker pop critic Sasha Frere-Jones, "With his parodic versions of hit songs, this somehow ageless 54-year-old has become popular not because he is immensely clever — though he can be — but because he embodies how many people feel when confronted with pop music: slightly too old and slightly too square."

Sounds like just the man to headline sports' biggest event. 

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