Dwyane Wade's 13-year-old son Zaire texts struggling dad: 'Stay on attack mode big dog'

Some sage advice from son to father


Dwyane Wade and his son, Zaire Wade, talk to Rachel Nichols after a Heat-Thunder game on Dec. 3, 2015.

Nathaniel S. Butler

Wisdom and guidance usually flows from father to son, but sometimes the stream works the other way.

Such as in this recent case with Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade and his 13-year-old son Zaire (he turns 14 on Feb. 4), who was just one-and-half years old when his father's NBA career began. Zaire has been around the game since he was in diapers and probably has watched his dad play as much as Heat video assistants.

With Wade struggling recently -- he's had some clunker performances in January including a 3-for-17 shooting night at Utah on Jan. 9 and a 2-point showing against the Bucks on Jan. 19 -- Zaire has been watching and wanting to help. 

Via Miami Herald Heat/NBA writer Ethan Skolnick, here's the scouting report Zaire sent Dwyane via text message on Tuesday night:

With Dwyane Wade's permission, here's the first part of the text message his son Zaire sent him tonight...

A photo posted by Ethan J Skolnick (@ejskolnick) on

And here's the second part of the message that Zaire Wade sent Dwyane tonight

A photo posted by Ethan J Skolnick (@ejskolnick) on

The best part is that Zaire calls his pops "big dog." That's a great relationship right there.

And if the 34-year-old Wade wants to capture one more title as he nears the twilight of a Hall of Fame career, he ought to take his kid's advice.

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