Watch this truly insane Madden 15 promo with Kevin Hart, Dave Franco & Colin Kaepernick

It's a delightfully weird musical production that culminates with a Franco-Hart Madden game.

EA Sports has posted a video promo in advance of the Aug. 26 release of Madden 15 and the it's a wild, wild ride. 

The three-minute Manning-esque (DIRECTV) ad stars actors-comedians Kevin Hart and Dave Franco and rides along the basic premise that ... it's Madden season.

Beyond that, it's a mash of maymen and music and a giant drum-playing bear with numerous cameos by players including Colin Kaepernick, Von Miller, Richard Sherman, LeSean McCoy, home-wrecking Damian Lillard (in the trailer) and more.

Four stars. Will watch again.

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