Reaction to US-Portugal World Cup tie; Cindy Prado is Fox-y

Obviously, you know what happened in Sunday’s Portugal-US World Cup game. The video above pretty much sums up what every American soccer fan went through as Portugal tied the game in the 95th minute.

We’re not sure which athlete was more pumped up for Sunday’s Portugal-US game.

Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright:

Or Blazers guard Wesley Matthews:

Johnny Manziel once again looked like he had a fun weekend.

Wizards center Marcin Gorat went to the mall. Unlike many Americans, though, Gorat brought his pet pig to tag along.

When we last left you on Friday, we told you about George Springs and Jonathan Villar dancing up a storm in the Astros dugout. Houston players were at it again on Saturday with more choreographed moves.

The Brewers managed to score three runs on one wild pitch against the Rockies.

A guy apparently had a little too much to drink at a Luke Bryan concert over the weekend. Some genius took the video footage and dubbed in legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross calling the action.

Even Pearl Jam is getting in on the "Let It Go" action. The band performed a little bit of the Disney song during a concert in Milan, Italy, over the weekend.

Model Cindy Prado gets today’s Fox-y Lady honors.

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