Packers lineman rips Lions, Jim Schwartz

Here’s a cucumber with the Air Jordan logo.

Bucks fans are fed up with 20-plus years of mediocrity (or worse).  The team hasn’t won a playoff series since 2001 and they have only had one 50-win season in history. Therefore, a "Save our Bucks" campaign is under way, complete with a funny billboard.

College football coaches like to dance. Most of them don’t do it well, but they still like to bust a move. Lost Letterman has ranked the top 10 college football coaches’ dance moves.

Here’s "Crowd Goes Wild" host Katie Nolan showing off her excellent touchdown dance.

A disappearing person is always good for a scare.

The late-night host has a warning for anyone going out to shop on Black Friday.

The WWE has compiled all of The Undertaker’s tombstones and mashed them up into this video.

* The Buzzer’s latest edition of Questions with Comedians features Jim Florentine, who has some harsh words for Brett Favre.

* Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch dressed up his turkey to have swag.

* Katherine Webb is nervous about going to the Iron Bowl and supporting boyfriend/Alabama quarterback, A.J. McCarron.

Brazilian model Simone Villas Boas gets today’s honors.

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