‘LeBron James’ appears on ‘Monday Night Raw’; Hannah Polites is Fox-y

Last night’s "Monday Night Raw" was held in Miami, Fla., so that means the WWE got to have some fun with the recent developments involving LeBron James. Wrestler Damien Sandow did the honors of "playing" James.

It’s hard to expect a baby to stay awake for a full baseball game, but this little guy, in his Blue Jays hat, just couldn’t watch the Red Sox beat up his team anymore.

Hot on the heels of this tweet from Yankees pitcher Brandon McCarthy comes Phillies hurler Cliff Lee, who ended an interview session with reporters last night by letting one rip.

Based on a couple of pictures he posted on Instagram last night, Johnny Manziel is making the most of his time before the Browns open training camp on Saturday, July 26.

That’s the lesson former NHL superstar Mike Modano learned last night.

Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig recently hit a ball so hard in batting practice that the signature from his bat left a mark.

This Washington Nationals fan turned his beard into the team’s logo.

Funny or Die took Nike’s Derek Jeter "Re2pect" commericial that got a lot of play last week and made a new version for Alex Rodriguez.

Model Hannah Polites gets today’s Fox-y Lady honors.

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