Connor Barwin turns Eagles linebackers into art; Sunshine Shen is Fox-y

Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin before he became a lord.

Howard Smith/Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia linebacker Connor Barwin has turned the Eagles linebackers into a group of noblemen thanks to "internationally renown art dealer" Nobilified, which "welcomes the masses to the 1%."

So now in the place of white walls or just nothing in the Philly linebackers room, Barwin installed oil portraits depicting Trent Cole, Brandon Graham, Josh Kaddu, Marcus Smith, Bryan Braman and Barwin himself as nobles.

Noblemen didn’t smile in their photographs but otherwise the portraits are perfect. Or maybe they’re better with the out-of-place smiles.

Barwin must have paid extra to get the Kramer treatment for his own. 

That’s the latest on #Johanna, plus here’s a reality television update, via the inimitable Sixers rookie.

In a related Bachelorette story (what is going on here?!), here’s some entertaining reaction to the victory by 29-year-old former minor league baseball player Josh Murray, older brother of Chiefs QB Aaron Murray.

"I just blame the parents of Brett Gardner. I just blame them for creating a great hitter.”

Rangers starter Yu Darvish, who beat the Yankees Monday but not without giving up two more homers to Brett Gardner, who’s now 5 for 11 career against Darvish with four solo dongs.

Melky Cabrera hit a shot out of Fenway Park that did this to someone’s windshield parked in the lot behind the stadium:

Three great quarterback stories from yesterday: Kirk Cousins is now driving around his grandmother’s giant conversion van; a Wisconsinite spotted Aaron Rodgers firing both pistols a la Shooter McGavin; Peyton Manning danced to the Tennessee fight song "Rocky Top."

I don’t think Wes Welker’s jig at the end of the Manning video has gotten enough attention, but this Vine courtesy SB Nation’s James Dator should fix that:

The actual bear mascot gets a spot on the uniforms and finds that his claws make for a good pizza cutter.

Clayton Kershaw stopped by "Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel" where he threw pseudo-baseballs at the host in an attempt to knock an apple off his dome. Because this is Kershaw we’re talking about, obviously he succeeded, though at the expense of Kimmel’s face. 

University of Florida quarterback Will Grier caught a football midway through a standing backflip. After a workout.

Bikini Team’s model of the month Sunshine Shen gets the nod today.