Cotto vs. Trout: Fight blog

Relive the round-by-round action from Cotto vs. Trout

Miguel Cotto (37-3, 30 KO) vs. Austin Trout (25-0, 14 KO) - 12 Rounds

Round 12:

The final round begins and the crowd is backing Cotto, yelling for blood. Trout is clearly playing the scorecards, tying Cotto up every time Cotto comes too close. Trout still punches though when he has his range. Trout backs Cotto into the corner and deals some damage, but Cotto fights his way out with a brutal uppercut that forces Trout backwards. Cotto feels the vibe with 1 minute to go and knows that he needs to pull the trigger. Trout just isn't giving him the opportunity. The crowd drowns out the announcers and Trout lands a final right hook as a exclamation mark on this affair. But never leave it up to the judges. We shall see.

Score: 10-9 Trout, 117-111 Trout

Official result: Austin Trout wins via unanimous decision (117-111, 117-111, 119-109)

Round 11:

Trout causes another stoppage in action, this time needing extra tape on his gloves before coming out to open the 11th round. As the round progresses, Trout's boxing skill is getting frustrating. Cotto wants this to be a brawl for a KO, but Trout is making all the right decision s and not overcommitting to try and secure a knockout. Cotto switches to southpaw, but isn't dealing any more damage that before. Trout looks almost as fresh as round 1, while Cotto is clearly worse for the wear. Not that Cotto doesn't have plenty of juice left to finish this fight.

Score: 10-9 Trout, 107-102 Trout

Round 10:

This fight could be a lot closer than our scores show, as many of these rounds have been razor thin. Trout has been the more composed boxer and often controls the action, but Cotto has moments of sheer rage, cornering Trout and dealing dangerous damage. Trout re-establishes the jab this round before beating Cotto with a series of left hooks. He then lands a solid uppercut and Cotto seems a little off. Cotto again, seems to hold back until the last 30 second before coming forward with a melee, but he is gambling quite a bit trying to win rounds this way.

Score: 10-9 Trout, 97-93 Trout

Round 9:

The story of round 9 is the HUGE low blow that caught Cotto 1 minute into the round. Cotto grimaces in pain, but Trout is not docked a point. Trout's aggression is still being rewarded as Cotto is breathing heavily through his mouth and backing away from the action. Late in the round, Cotto's dodging improves and Trout is still missing quite a bit. A lot of brawling in this round as opposed to boxing. Surprisingly, that fell into Trout's hands.

Score: 10-9 Trout, 87-84 Trout

Round 8:

Early in round 8 Cotto is moving worward and gets tied up with Trout. The ref breaks the boxers up and Cotto keeps coming. It's as if Cotto knows he lost that last round and wants to get his point back now. Trout however has gotten used to the motion and has changed into a counter-puncher. Cotto manages to land a nice hook, but Trout has landed many more strikes. 45 seconds to go the ref stops the action to cut a string of tape from Trout's glove. That same glove finds it's way to Cotto's face when the action resumes. But Cotto gets revenge in a final flurry when when corners Trout in an attempt to steal the round.

Score: 10-9 Trout, 77-75 Trout

Round 7:

Halfway home and things are getting heated. The two fighters stand toe-to-toe in the center of the ring. Trout is leading the action, but every time the men trade shots, Cotto seems to deliver the harder blow. Cotto's left eye is swelling as a result of continued jabbing from Trout. Cotto is losing a bit of his composure and Trout still shows title-worthy control.

Score: 10-9 Trout, 67-66 Trout

Round 6:

Cotto is working Trout's body with ease as Trout continues headhunting with the jab. Cotto is letting Trout come to him and seems to be landing solid blows as Trout awkwardly moves forward. Cotto lands a hook that makes the crowd scream with joy, but late in the round Trout gets Cotto against the ropes and flails wildly. Cotto evades many of the blows and turns the tables attacking Trout with ferocity as the round closes.

Score: 10-9 Cotto, 57-57 even

Round 5:

Both men are maintaining high energy, giving the crowd at MSG a great show. Trout is picking up his punch count and is still landing good shots. The increased punching is bringing this fight into closer range which plays well for Cotto. with 1 minute to go, Trout lands a low blow on Cotto and the bout pauses for about 30 sec. in the remaining time Trout continues to be aggressive, but he is getting caught, as Cotto is landing some nice counter hooks and using Trout's momentum against him. A very tight round, that may go to Trout solely on aggression.

Score: 10-9 Trout, 48-47 Trout

Round 4:

Trout is making a campaign about keeping Cotto at a distance with the right jab. He's finding some success, but it is also infuriating Cotto to the points where he charges inward like a bull. In his first charge, Cotto lands a solid straight left. Later he lands a combination. Trout returns fire with a 3 punch combination of his own. Cotto comes in to hold Trout but continues to throw body punches for damage. 30 seconds to go. Cotto is turning wild, while Trout maintains poise. Both men show skill, but Cotto is ready to turn this into a brawl. Will he get his wish?

Score: 10-9 Cotto, 38-38 even

Round 3:

This round has a pattern. Trout land 5-7 jabs while Cotto backs him up into the corner. Once they reach the corner, Cotto unleashes a flurry of 5-7 punches in return and then Trout escapes. This repeats for the first two minutes, but in the final minute Cotto becomes the aggressor, leading the jabs and hooks that for the first time seem to be making Trout a little uneasy. Has Cotto turned the corner?

Score: 10-9 Cotto, 29-28 Trout

Round 2:

Cotto comes into round 2 with a welt on his forehead, proving the Trout is dealing some significant damage early. Cotto continues to pressure moving in ways that force Trout against the ropes, but Trout quickly move away in an effort to re-establish his reach advantage. Trout is still finding success with the jab, but Cotto is going nowhere. Trout is occasionally ducking now opening up a great opportunity for an uppercut, but Cotto hasn't taken it yet. Another close one. And the judges likely have this even, but it should be another round to Trout, due to Cotto's multiple misses.

Score: 10-9 Trout, 20-18 Trout

Round 1:

The crowd is absolutely electric and 110% in Cotto's corner. Cotto is the aggressor early, pushing the action, but Austin Trout is more than game. Trout sets up some nice hooks with his jab. With one minute to go both men trade powerful left hooks, but neither wavers. Trout seems to be finding a rhythm while Cotto wants to land combinations of gut punishing shots. A close round, and if you listen to the crowd, it went to Cotto, but Trout likely deserves it.

Score: 10-9 Trout

Salvador Sanchez II (34-4-3, 18 KO) vs. Jayson Velez (19-0, 14 KO) - 10 Rounds

Round 3:

It's round 3 and 3 seconds after the bell, Velez decks Sanchez and sends him back to the canvas. Sanchez seems to not have recovered at all from the minute break between rounds. Sanchez stands up but still appears dazed, and Velez pounces. He nails Sanchez with hooks and uppercuts, leaving Sanchez on jelly legs. With little hesitation the ref steps in to stop the fight.

Official result: Velez wins by TKO 0:38 into Round 3 (Wins WBC Silver Featherweight title)

Round 2:

Velez picks up where he left off, landing series of combinations. a strong 3 punch combo sends Sanchez reeling against the ropes. Velez follows with and uppercut and then unleashes more fury against the ropes. Even the commentators mention Velez is "making it rain". Sanchez is showing a decent chin and even still manages to come forward while getting decked, but Velez is not over-committing and keeps near perfect control. with 5 seconds to go, Velez lands 4 consecutive hooks knocking Sanchez to the canvas. Near domination.

Score: 10-8 Velez, 20-17 Velez

Round 1:

Velez steps to the center of the ring and takes position while Sanchez is bouncing at a rapid pace. Neither fighter is being overly active but Velez seems to be getting the better of the early exchanges. Velez continues to lead with the left occasionally setting up a nice right. Sanchez has done little to compete. Velez knocks Sanchez against the ropes and wins this round easily.

Score: 10-9 Velez

Chris Fitzpatrick (15-2, 6 KO) vs. Daniel Jacobs (23-1, 20 KO) - 8 Rounds

**Official result: Fitzpatrick's corner stops the fight entering Round 6. Jacobs wins by TKO.

Round 5:

Jacobs comes out at the halfway point with some more energy. He may have been resting in round 4. Jacobs is showing a lot more movement and dominating the action. Fitzpatrick is spending a lot of time with his hands up, but the seond the drop, Jacobs bangs him with a right hook. 30 second to go and Jacobs is looking for a knockout. Fitzpatrick is absorbing tons of blow, but he refuses to go down. The round mercifully ends.

Score: 10-9 Jacobs, 49-46 Jacobs

Round 4:

Only 8 rounds and Fitzpatrick needs to do something big now if he wants to stay in this fight. Fitzpatrick comes forward, unafraid, and lands a few quality body blows to Jacobs. Jacobs has been pretty successful with some counterpunching but isn't fighting guns blazing the same way he was at the end of round 3. With 1 minute to go Jacobs begins to come forward putting Fitzpatrick on his heels, but Jacobs has really toned back the aggression. 10 seconds is marked and Jacobs flies into action, trying to steal the round, but it looks like Fitzpatrick might have finally taken one.

Score: 10-9 Fitzpatrick, 39-37 Jacobs

Round 3:

Jacobs returns to southpaw, possibly in an effort to throw Fitzpatrick off, but it's probably not necessary. 30 seconds in the fighters butt heads. This isn't good as Fitzpatrick walks away with a cut on his hairline. Jacobs sees the blood and gets aggressive. He blasts Fitzpatrick with a right, then a right left combo. The flurries continue and Jacobs is not letting up, pressuring Fitzpatrick against the ropes. Fitzpatrick has clearly slowed. Left, right, left, Jacobs is attacking like a mad man. This is getting brutal as the bell rings.

Score: 10-9 Jacobs, 30-27 Jacobs

Round 2:

Jacobs is becoming more evasive in the second round showing that he has more control. Fitzpatrick is not being a slouch at all, still throwing punches with steam. Jacobs is forcing Fitzpatrick against the ropes a little more this round. He's using the jab effectively but not really putting together combinations. Jacobs has landed the left hook a few times though giving him the lead.

Score: 10-9 Jacobs, 20-18 Jacobs

Round 1:

Danny Jacobs is continuing his comeback, having survived a bout with cancer and he looks to be in great shape for this fight. Fitzpatrick is aggressive early being the more active puncher. Jacobs seems more reserved looking to pick his spot. Having started in southpaw, Jacobs switches back to orthodox halfway through the round. The fighters trade hard rights and later Jacobs lands another counter. Jacobs is maintaining the center of the ring. Fitzpatrick throws a few blows at the end of the round but mostly misses.

Score: 10-9 Jacobs

Fight Card:

WBA World Light Middleweight Title

Miguel Cotto (37-3, 30 KO) vs. Austin Trout (25-0, 14 KO)

WBC Silver Featherweight Title

Salvador Sanchez II (34-4-3, 18 KO) vs. Jayson Velez (19-0, 14 KO)


Chris Fitzpatrick (15-2, 6 KO) vs. Daniel Jacobs (23-1, 20 KO)