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WBC/WBA Super Lightweight: Danny Garcia (24-0, 15 KOs) vs. Erik Morales (52-8, 36 KOs)

Winner: Danny Garcia by Knockout at 1:23 in the fourth round.

Round 4:

Morales is dancing in the opening seconds but is that because he's got a second wind or because he still doesn't know where he is. He did head to the wrong corner at the end of the last round.

This is a bad omen folks. Garcia is tapping Morales' guard with his left hand, literally telling Morales where the next shot is going to come. After four taps, Morales decides it's time to get aggressive. Bad move. Garcia blasts Morales with a left hook that launches Morales through the ropes. You can see it in Morales' eyes, he's not getting back up. KO for Garcia.

Round 3:

Garcia is getting instructions from his corner to work the body to capitalize on how tired Morales is looking. Garcia is pressing the action in the open of the 3rd and using light jabs to find an opening in Morales' guard. Garcia lands a fierce left to the body of Morales and follows it up with a solid 3 punch combo. Garcia keeps punishing the body and in the moment Morales drops his hands Garcia sends a left upstairs. This round and fight are currently, firmly in Garcia's control. And he proves it by staggering Morales with a huge right in the closing second.

Score: 10-9 Garcia, 30-27 Garcia


All the brutal blows from Brooklyn are right here.

Round 2:

Morales continues to press forward but he is opening himself up more and more. Garcia is taking advantage of this. While Morales is moving forward, Garcia is much quicker landing shot almost at will. Morales is taking them well, but they will add up. Garcia in the center of the ring starts to delivers some combinations and is only stopped when Morales re-establishes his jab.

Score: 10-9 Garcia, 20-18 Garcia

Round 1:

Can Morales do what he couldn't do the first time around? Morales did have a good jab in the first bout and he's trying to establish it here, but Garcia comes out of the gate with a very quick pace. Both men are landing significant shots with Morales putting the hurt on Garcia's body. Garcia returns the favor with stronger body shot and even though he is backing up for much of the round countering, he is doing so very effectively and looks like the more dominant fighter.

Score: 10-9 Garcia

WBA Welterweight: Paulie Malignaggi (31-4, 7 KOs) vs. Pablo Cesar Cano (25-1-1, 19 KOs)

Round 12:

Winner: Paulie Malignaggi via split decision (118-109 Cano, 114-113 Malignaggi, 114-113 Malignaggi)

This fight has been the battle of the jab vs. the right. And Cano's right is winning. He brings it out again in the final round. And he has even opened up a cut on the cheek of Malignaggi. This is Cano's first time in the 12th round, but he is so active that you would think that he has been here before. Malignaggi re-establishes the jab but continues the backwards motion on his heels. Cano is closing the round as if his will be the new champion even though he can't win the belt. The knockdown in the 11th will likely tell the tale here.

Score: 10-9 Cano, 115-112 Cano

Round 11:

Cano is once again chasing Malignaggi around the ring, but Cano's punches are not as strong as they used to be. Malignaggi as a result is countering effectively landing over 50 percent of his jabs and taking control of that round. Cano sense this and begins to cock his right arm blazing through Malignaggi sending him to the deck. Cano smells blood and after the standing 8 lands another huge right to close the round.

Score: 10-8 Cano, 105-103 Cano

Round 10:

This fight is ridiculously close and truly could be score any way. The judges are surely looking for one of the pugilists to take this out of their hands. Malignaggi is starting to move forward again and ties up Cano to lands some body shots of his own. both fighters are fatigued and are using grabbing hold of each other to slow the action. Malignaggi tries to land and uppercut which Cano leans into, but there is little force. Cano leads ahead in the final 30 seconds aiming to steal another round, but Malignaggi does a much better job weathering the storm this time as opposed to other rounds.

Score: 10-9 Malignaggi, 95-95 even

Round 9:

The cut on Cano looked early on like it could be the deciding factor in this fight. Not the case. Rather, Cano's bodywork on Malignaggi should be what pays dividends coming down the stretch. Both men trade shots that are effective but not necessarily power shots. In the closing moment, it's Cano that land the significant shots and as a result gets the round while Malignaggi looks like he will struggle a bit to get to the finish line.

Score: 10-9 Cano, 86-85 Cano


These babes can't get enough ringside action.

Round 8:

Malignaggi spends the first half of this round working his jab and landing some good right hands. It stays this way until one minute to go when the tape on Malignaggi's glove comes loose and the ref stops the action for a quick fix. As the action resumes, Malignaggi seems to have gained a little extra strength from that breather and he comes out swinging even harder, but Cano blasts him to the body delivering solid damage in the closing 20 seconds. Malignaggi was not ready for any of that and will likely come out slow in the 9th, but should win this round.

Score: 10-9 Malignaggi, 76-76 even

Round 7:

Round 7 is playing out similar to round 6 with Malignaggi still on his heels. Cano has turned his attention more and more to Malignaggi's body in the middle rounds and maybe that has taken something out of Malignaggi's gas tank. Malignaggi's hands are also trending lower making it easier for Cano to land significant blows. Cano is starting to feel it here and may turn up the heat in the later rounds.

Score: 10-9 Cano, 67-66 Cano

Round 6:

Malignaggi is on his heels and that is a bad thing. He's spending way too much time moving backwards. Cano seems to be finding confidence as his cut has been tended to over multiple rounds and now seems to be in much better shape. Malignaggi starts to seek control by countering with stiff left jabs, he tags Cano in the eye and Cano is still sensitive. Malignaggi then delviers a combination at the end of another very close round. However, due to a little more evasion and damage, Malignaggi may have taken this one back.

Score: 10-9 Malignaggi, 57-57 even

Round 5:

The blood has tinted Cano's face red at this point, but Cano refuses to give up. He starts to land some power punches opening the round with a great left. Malignaggi increase his activity level, bringing the jab like nobody's business, but where are the power shots? If he doesn't smell blood now, will he ever? At some point the judges are going to penalize him for not making progress on what he has already done. Cano continues to show great grit and in another close round may be winning based on guts.

Score: 10-9 Cano, 48-47 Cano

Round 4:

Cano seems aware that his eye could become a ticking time bomb if it is damaged any further. He is pressing the action and using his jab to direct Malignaggi around the ring. For half the round Cano is looking like he is about to even the score. Then Malignaggi lands a still right that sends blood dripping down the side of Cano's face. Malignaggi now the aggressor, Cano is backing up. The champ is delivering the more damaging shots, but Cano has a strong overall round.

Score: 10-9 Cano, 38-38 even

Round 3:

Malignaggi has shifted to using the right more to target the cut above Cano's left eye. He's opening with the left and pounding Cano with the right. Cano is landing some decent jabs, as Malignaggi is leaving his hands a little too low. Cano dishes a few combinations. He begins to land some counters. For the first time in the fight Malignaggi is looking a little lost. Cano lands another low blow and receives a direct warning from the ref before the bell rings. Welcome back to the fight, Cano!

Score: 10-9 Cano, 29-28 Malignaggi

Round 2:

Malignaggi is becoming very effective with his left jab. he's using it to open up combinations and his constant activity is leaving very few openings for Cano to return fire. Cano tries to land a body shot back, but keep slipping closer and closer to a low blow. Malignaggi continues with the jab and he opens up Cano who now has blood coming from the eye and nose. To be open like that in round 2 means serious trouble for Cano, whos gash above his left eye is menacing.

Score: 10-9 Malignaggi, 20-18 Malignaggi

Round 1:

This fight involves a champion in Malignaggi, but the belt will not change hands as Cano failed on multiple occasions to make weight. Still the fight goes on and Malignaggi opens the actions establishing his jab downstairs and upstairs. Malignaggi is keeping up a swifter pace, but Cano is hanging in there. He lands a few nice right hands, but nothing severe. An effective warm-up round for Malignaggi, as he should take the opening lead on the cards.

Score: 10-9 Malignaggi

WBO Middleweight Title: Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam (27-0, 17 KOs) vs. "Kid Chocolate" Peter Quillin (27-0, 20 KOs)

Winner: Peter Quillin via unanimous decision (115-107, 115-107, 115-107) - New WBO Middleweight Champion

Round 12:

The fact that this fight could plausibly end as a scored draw seems ridiculous. N'Dam lands a solid lef tin the opening second and backs Quillin into the ropes. Quillin does not have the pep in his step that he had in the early rounds. Mid-round both men are headhunting and mostly missing. With a minute to go, their accuracy improves, but N'Dam is getting the better of each encounter. The crowd rises to their feet and both fighter flail. Then Quillin pulls out his insurance policy, the big left hand. He levels N'Dam! The extra point may be all he needs. Yet, with 6 seconds to go, N'Dam blasts him again scoring his sixth knockdown of the night. Quillin may have saved himself in the 12th.

Score: 10-7 Quillin, 113-109 Quillin

Joe Frazier


Where do Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali rank among the best boxers of all time?

Round 11:

Quillin has never fought through a full 12 rounds. N'Dam has done it 3 times and won every time. This round is less active to start. Quillin is chasing N'Dam around the ring and once N'Dam is cornered N'Dam pounces like a trapped lion. He throws big hooks, but doesn't deal significant damage. The two tussle in the center of the ring and seem to be trading effective shots. N'Dam is the aggressor and is acting like he's the champ. Which he is.

Score: 10-9 N'Dam, 103-102 Quillin

Round 10:

Quillin's corner is aware that N'Dam is nipping at their fighter's heels. Quillin responds this round with his patented left hook. He lands a few and eventually dazes N'Dam with a punch that honestly didn't look that strong. N'Dam spends the better part of 30 seconds retreating before landing a straight jab that reminds Quillin that his opponent is still game. Then with 45 seconds to go the fight erupts into a brawl. Fists fly everywhere with Quillin landing the majority. Then after a brief break, N'Dam lands some closing blows on the ropes.

Score: 10-9 Quillin, 94-92 Quillin

Round 9:

N'Dam open the round with a powerful right hand to the head that knocks Quillin back. He follows it up with some body shots, and then lands a low blow to which the ref gives him a verbal warning without stopping the fight. Quillin starts to move forward, but N'Dam aggresses, landing numerous hooks and jabs. He drives Quillin against the ropes and N'Dam's assault is only stopped but Quillin's uppercut. For a moment it looks like Quillin could flip the fight again and end it here, but he doesn't capitalize. N'Dam has seriously closed the gap.

Score: 10-9 N'Dam, 84-83 Quillin

Round 8:

He's been knocked down 4 times (1 of these he would argue), but he's still moving forwards. Quillin may be making a critical error by not putting his foot on the gas in the rounds following his jarring blows. Quillin has thrown few if any power blows this round and N'Dam is chasing him around the ring. The urgency from N'Dam is becoming palpable as his punches become more wild, but Quillin is staying very poised. His poise though will win him few points.

Score: 10-9 N'Dam, 75-73 Quillin

Round 7:

N'Dam starts this round trying to land a few blows, but none of his punches have the same zip they had in the earlier rounds. Quillin is starting to land his jab and uppercut at will, but it's the left hook that has been his money shot. N'Dam works Quillin against the ropes, but Quillin seems comfortable there. Quillin takes a few seconds and then beings to counter and throw combos. The activity goes to N'Dam, Quillin is hitting with power, but N'Dam likely stole one pressing Quillin against the ropes.

Score: 10-9 N'Dam, 66-63 Quillin

Round 6:

N'Dam has had a round to recover now and seems to have pulled himself back together. Quillin has started looking for a knockout blow, but that may be a mistake right now. N'Dam is starting to take control again moving around the ring. but remember, Quillin has shows power with his left and after chasing N'Dam against the ropes, he lands one that drops N'Dam to the mat. N'Dam who has a cut over his right eye, gets up, only to be leveled 20 seconds later be another firm left. Quillin has to be feeling it, but again, the bell ends the round giving N'Dam a reprieve.

Score: 10-7 Quillin, 57-53 Quillin

Round 5:

N'Dam has not fully recovered, but he is still here to fight. Quillin is shooting lasers out of his eyes but isn't being very active. The men do trade some left hooks in the middle of the round, but nothing damaging. Towards the end of the round Quillin begins to land some combinations, right to the body, left to the head, but N'Dam has actually been more active. It's pretty even, but Quillin likely gets the round on momentum.

Score: 10-9 Quillin, 47-46 Quillin

Round 4:

And a LEFT! For Quillin! Within the first 2 seconds of the round this fight has COMPLETELY CHANGED. N'Dam tries to hug, that hook to the head shook him hard, but Quillin refuses. He lands a right, and 2 seconds later a big left that sends N'Dam to the canvas! N'Dam is up by the count of 6, but the crowd and Quillin are bloodthirsty! Quillin attacks, fires hard with the left and lands. He lands another and scores a second knockdown! With 30 seconds to go Quillin is looking prime. N'Dam gets up, the fight continues and N'Dam slips to the floor twice, but he survives the round.

Score: 10-7 Quillin, 37-37 even

Round 3:

N'Dam, who was born in Cameroon before being a Frenchman, had a dream to box on American TV. He's making the most of that opportunity. The left hook to the body to the head combination that N'Dam started to use in the 2nd round is coming out again in the 3rd. Quillin is landing shots but N'Dam is landing combos. N'Dam is dictating the action and Quillin seems to be able to do little to fire up the crowd. Fortunately Mike Tyson is in the crowd, so he'll provide all the hype needed.

Score: 10-9 N'Dam, 30-27 N'Dam

Round 2:

N'Dam is taking his game a step further adding to his jab strategy with consistent body blows. This round is more subdued until mid-round when Quillin lands a nice body blow. This speeds up N'Dam who delivers a series of body blows driving Quillin back into the ropes. Quillin is moving fast but N'Dam is moving faster. HE lands a countering left and a big right in the final second and Quillin is saved from further damage by the bell.

Score: 10-9 N'Dam, 20-18 N'Dam

Round 1:

N'Dam leads out with the jab before the round even begins it seems. That's good considering this crowd will not accept another mediocre fight. The hometown New York boy Quillin seems a little antsy early trying to figure out how to invoke his game. He delivers a few good body hots and then clocks N'Dam in the head with a strong right. 10 seconds later, N'Dam delivers a series of 3 left hooks landing to the body and the head. He later rails Quillin against the ropes with a strong right and N'Dam likely has the round, but Quillin has made it clear that he is a threat to the title.

Score: 10-9 N'Dam

IBF Welterweight: Randall Bailey (43-7-0, 37 KOs) vs. Devon Alexander (23-1-0, 13 KOs)

Winner: Devon Alexander via unanimous decision (115-111, 116-110, 117-109) - New IBF Welterweight Champion

Round 12:

What should have been an aggressive, all-out attack from Bailey, has been little more than another tepid round. Alexander has been very effective implementing his game plan and he is about to be rewarded for it. Bailey has thrown no haymakers in this last round and as a result this fight is over.

Score: 10-9 Alexander, 117-109 Alexander

Round 11:

Alexander keeps the punches up and turns Bailey a few more times, showing that he is in control of this fight. Bailey is finally throwing the right hand a little more and he connects with a straight right to Alexander;s jaw, but he doesn't even step back. Later he lands and uppercut, but again, Alexander keeps coming forward. Crazy to think Alexander was able to mask the effectiveness of those power shots, but despite a few good blows, Bailey probably lost another round.

Score: 10-9 Alexander, 107-100 Alexander

Round 10:

Bailey is aggressing via movement again. He must sense that needs to do a lot more to win this, yet he doesn't. It's the same story repeated. Alexander is active, and Bailey fails to unload. Bailey has a cut over his eye now, but even the blood doesn't seem to increase Bailey's rage to a point where he might shock us and win this fight.

Score: 10-9 Alexander, 97-91 Alexander

Round 9:

Bailey is finally starting to swell up over the eye. Seems like 8 rounds of consistent pressure is finally paying off for Alexander. The men casually dance around the ring, delivering fewer punches than any previous round. Midway through, Alexander gets busy working Bailey's body, again scoring points for activity, not necessarily damage. The ref has warned Alexander to stop spinning Bailey with his footwork, but many would just call that good boxing. All Alexander

Score: 10-9 Alexander, 87-82 Alexander

Round 8:

The round picks up early with Alexander working Bailey up against the ropes. He delivers some body blows before the inevitable hugging occurs and the ref is forced to break it up. Bailey only seems to care about landing a KO blow, but his time is running short and a single knock down may likely not be enough to win this fight. This round is notable as it's one of the few in which Bailey's spent time moving backwards. Mind you, moving backwards is about all he has done.

Score: 10-9 Alexander, 77-73 Alexander

Round 7:

Nothing has changed. Alexander is more active and Bailey is dictating the motion. Bailey is landing a few stiff jabs but Alexander is out punching him by at least 3-1. He's delivering a lot of glancing shots and not doing any serious damage, but if this comes down to who wants it, without question you'd have to give the nod to Alexander.

Score: 10-9 Alexander, 67-64 Alexander

Round 6:

Bailey has a few choice words and is jawing at Alexander. Alexander is finally being more tentative. Some of the hard rights seem to have slowed him. The ref has had to pull these two apart numerous times as every time action happens, they hug. The ref has had enough. He takes a point away from both fighters trying to encourage more action. Sadly, this round is limited on the boxing.

Score: 9-8 Alexander, 57-55 Alexander

Round 5:

Alexander is likely scoring points solely for his activity level. He lands a quick 1-2 early in the round, then lands a strong right forcing Bailey to grab him as Alexander drags him across the ring. Alexander is dealing nice body shots and then both fight trade jaw busters! Lefts, right, and Bailey is pissed. So is Alexander and this may degrade into a bit of a street fight. Bailey lands another big right at the end of the round and may have actually stolen this one.

Score: 10-9 Bailey, 48-47 Alexander

Round 4:

The punch stats: 126-42 thrown with Alexander leading into this round. Neither man however has landed consistently. Bailey is maintaining a tight guard and continues to execute a duck and hug defense. Despite being in Brooklyn, we hear quite a few "Bronx cheers". With 1 mintue to go Bailey begins to dance, looking to set up a strong shot. Alexander throws some quick jabs to throw Bailey off and soon the two fight trade rights in a 10 second slugfest in the middle of the ring. Alexander falls to the canvas, but only due to a trip.

Score: 10-9 Alexander, 39-37 Alexander

Round 3:

Alexander comes out with quick jabs, but they mostly all miss. Alexander has a certain ferocity behind his punches this round. Bailey is ducking and hugging while Alexander is leading his power punches with large lunges. This is leading to a lot of tie-ups. Bailey may be pursuing Alexander but his hands are not active this round. It's almost as if he's trying to wait till Alexander's energy runs out. Alexander lands a nice right hand in the closing seconds.

Score: 10-9 Alexander, 29-28 Alexander

Round 2:

The round opens with some quicker punches from both sides and they soon find themselves tied up in the center of the ring. Bailey then winds up and delivers a massive right that knock Alexander backwards. As Alexander re-engages, the boxers headbutt, but fortunately no real damage occurred. Bailey is starting to turn it on and is threatening with knockout power pressuring Alexander against the ropes. The round ends,  but the tide has turned.

Score: 10-9 Bailey, 19-19 even

Round 1:
The round begins with Bailey pushing the actions. Not aggressively, just dictating the motion. Both fighters are being conservative and the crowd is living up to Brooklyn expectations letting their displeasure be known. Mid-round Alexander gets aggressive, and lands a few shot but also hits Bailey in the back of the head. This round is clearly a warm-up.

Score: 10-9 Alexander



Fight card (champion listed first)

WBC/WBA Super Lightweight: Danny Garcia (24-0, 15 KOs) vs. Erik Morales (52-8, 36 KOs)

WBA Welterweight: Paulie Malignaggi (31-4, 7 KOs) vs. Pablo Cesar Cano* (25-1-1, 19 KOs)

WBO Middleweight Title: Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam (27-0, 17 KOs) vs. "Kid Chocolate" Peter Quillin (27-0, 20 KOs)

IBF Welterweight: Randall Bailey (43-7-0, 37 KOs) vs. Devon Alexander (23-1-0, 13 KOs)

*Cano failed to make weight and thus can not win WBA title.

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