Broner tweaks Malignaggi after bout

Adrien Broner talked plenty of trash ahead of his fight with WBA
welterweight champ Paulie Malignaggi. Saturday night, Broner backed
it up, winning a split decision and then rubbing it in his face.
The line of the night? “I’m good. I beat Paulie. I left with his
belt and his girl.”

Wait, what was that last part?

Warning: This video contains some vulgar

For those who didn’t follow the lead-up to the fight, which was
spectacular all on its own, here’s the gist. At a seriously NSFW
press conference in early May, Broner (wearing a Hey Paulette shirt
to boot) called a woman named Jessica Corazon, who he said was
Malignaggi’s ex-girlfriend, and put her on speaker after telling a
long, winding story saying Malignaggi had hit her.

Malignaggi laughed it off at the time and gave as good as he got
in the press conference. And when Broner brought Jessica to the
final press conference before the fight, Malignaggi called her out
specifically — mocking her after she couldn’t give his mother’s

But he wasn’t laughing Saturday night after losing on two of the
three judges’ cards. First, his belt: “I’m not saying it was fixed,
but it’s always the most connected fighters who get the decisions,”
Malignaggi complained afterward, insinuating Broner had a helping
hand in winning the decision. Second, his girl: “Don’t talk about
stealing my side piece — that’s my side piece,” he screamed at
Broner after the post-fight boast.

For her part, Corazon gives her side of the story here.

And before we go, Broner also showed off this awesome double
gold grill and shouted out his jeweler in between his post-fight