Yandle’s goal among strangest you’ll ever see

A mundane,
otherwise disappointing loss to the Wild on Thursday still provided one
of the strangest and most memorable goals of the Coyotes’ season to date
(and maybe ever).

With just under five minutes left
in the game and the Coyotes trailing 4-1, defenseman Keith Yandle
brought the puck over the blue line near the boards and dumped it in off
the glass. As the puck got to the corner, it deflected off the
stanchion, ricocheted toward the side of the net, took one bounce, hit
the back of the knee of Wild goalie Nicklas Backstrom and deflected into
the net.

There are weird bounces and there are,
well, whatever this was:

And for a better
view, go to 0:29 of the game recap:

Those sorts of ricochets
occasionally result in goals when the goalie bails early to try to play
the puck behind the net, but with the goalie still in the crease and
against the post? Not so much.

If not for a terrible
first 55 minutes, that goal might have made for a great story about the
Coyotes creating their own luck (or some other hockey cliche) en route
to a miraculous come-from-behind win. Alas; that goal got the Coyotes
back within two, and they scored again minutes later to cut the deficit
to 4-3, but that was where the comeback

Yandle aptly summarized his third goal of the year in a postgame interview with FOX Sports Arizona’s Todd Walsh.

“It was just luck, I guess.”