Trey Griffey speaks from heart to congratulate dad

Arizona's Trey Griffey reacts after delivering surprise video message to dad Ken at Mariners' ceremony.

He operated with no script and no net. Most importantly, it was from the heart.

Arizona redshirt freshman receiver Trey Griffey got through it, wishing his dad Ken Griffey Jr. congratulations on Saturday after he became the seventh member of the Seattle Mariners to be inducted into the team's Hall of Fame.

"I just spoke how I felt," Trey said Monday after practice at Arizona Stadium. "My mom said it surprised him. He doesn't like surprises."

Dad might have liked this one, though, as it made one of the best baseball players in recent history cry.

"It was an emotional day for him," Trey said.

Trey spoke for 40 seconds on the video, speaking from the heart in part because he didn't want it to look rehearsed. Watch the ceremony here (Trey's appearance begins at the 26:58 mark):

Trey, vying to see playing time at wide receiver for the Wildcats this year, could not attend the induction because Arizona was in workouts at Fort Huachuca. His message:

"As you know. I'm out here training for the 2013 season with the Arizona Wildcats. I remember growing up and always being in your stuff (at the ballpark), taking your batting gloves and taking your bat," Trey said in his speech. "I was destroying everything. You were patient with me.

"As I was growing up. I just wanted to be just like you. You were my role model. But I took another road and went into football. I can't be more proud of you. You did it. Next time I see you, we will celebrate. Bear Down. Hi, mom."

After Saturday's Arizona scrimmage and the ceremony in Seattle, the two spoke briefly, and Trey said his father didn't even say anything about the ceremony but was concerned about how he did in the scrimmage.

"The first question was, 'How did you do?" Trey said. "What you mess up and what did you do? (Spoken) like a normal parent would do."

Then, Trey joked, "He said he was going to get me back for making him cry."

It'll probably be well worth it.

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