Taurasi’s life after basketball will include basketball

Whenever the time comes — and she’s not expecting it to be any time soon — Diana Taurasi insists that basketball will continue to play a big role in her life after she retires from pro hoops.

“I’ve done it (basketball) all my life,” she said. “I couldn’t see my life without it, whether it’s coaching or working kids out. There’s definitely something about basketball I need in my life.”

Coaching would seem like an interesting choice.

“I’d be a hell of a coach … oh, yeah,” Taurasi said when asked. “Actually Coach P. (Mercury coach Russ Pennell) always gives pretty good insight about being a player and then becoming a coach — that hurdle that you have to get over. Once you’re a coach, you’re not a player anymore. They’re two different mindsets.”

The blueprint for this transition could be made during the next NBA season when Jason Kidd takes on the head coaching gig with the Brooklyn Nets.