Report: Mathieu enters NFL drug testing program

Mathieu voluntarily enters NFL's drug testing program, according to report; deal includes structured bonus.

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) May 23, 2013
For comparison, the NFL has previously stated that it conducts 10 tests per team per week during the season, which combined with frequent offseason testing results in an average of about five tests per player per year, although some players obviously receive more due to reasonable-cause testing for previous occurrences. Teams can also conduct drug tests if agreed to by the player, but since Mathieu has been entered into the NFL's intervention program, only the league — not the Cardinals — can test him during that time.

At the press conference following his selection in the draft, Mathieu made it clear that he'd be willing to do whatever was necessary to get back on the field after more than a year away from football.

"If it's a drug test on a weekly basis, that's what I have to do," he said. "If it's meeting with counselors, therapists and sports psychologists, those are things I'm going to have to meet. It doesn't matter what they put in my contract. I'm happy that they gave me the second chance."

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