Now starting at QB for Cardinals: Shhhh…

TEMPE, Ariz. – The worst-kept Cardinals secret is still officially a secret. Sort of …

If that makes no sense to you well, neither did Wednesday’s media session with coach Ken Whisenhunt.

Despite the fact that team president Michael Bidwill told KTAR radio on Tuesday that quarterback Kevin Kolb will be the starter for the team’s game this Sunday in Foxboro, Mass., against the Patriots, Whisenhunt said there are still a couple of days left for John Skelton’s low-ankle sprain to get better.

Skelton didn’t practice Wednesday, and Kolb addressed reporters under the interview tree (as is the custom for the starting QB) and talked about how nice it felt to work with the starters. Yet still nothing official.

Even the players got in on the act.

“This is nothing new for us,” receiver Larry Fitzgerald said. “This is like regular training camp — Kevin, John, we’re used to the competition. We are conditioned for this. We’re going to play this to our advantage.”

We’re betting that New England coach Bill Belichick isn’t concerned as he pores over tape of Kolb’s recent performances.


Patriots coach Bill Belichick is notoriously effusive when discussing opposing players. The idea is to heap praise and avoid bulletin board material – whether he believes the praise or not.

His comments on Cardinals strong safety Adrian Wilson suggested a genuine respect for the 12-year veteran.

“He’s a guy who can ruin a game for you, offensively,” Belichick said. “You see different players in the league and the number of tackles they make, but this guy makes tackles and a lot of them are for no yardage. That’s the impressive thing to me about him.”

Belichick’s comments on defensive tackle Darnell Dockett were also noteworthy.

“Dockett is really hard to block,” Belichick said. “He’s quick, he’s really active.”

But when talk turned to the Cardinals running game, Belichick lost some credibility. Not only did he gush about “power back” Beanie Wells, Ryan Williams, LaRod Stephens-Howling and Anthony Sherman, but he also worked his way down to fourth-string back William Powell.

We know a con job when we see one.


Patriots tight end and former University of Arizona standout Rob Gronkowski was asked if anything jumped out at him from the weekend of college football action – an obvious reference to his alma mater’s 59-38 upset of No. 18 Oklahoma State.

“Not really,” Gronkowski said, before a follow-up question reminded him of the stunning result. “It’s pretty amazing seeing my alma mater put up a victory over a ranked team. I’m definitely supportive of Arizona.”

Gronkowski’s tone was less than convincing.


Aside from Skelton, cornerback Jamell Fleming (shoulder), linebacker O’Brien Schofield (knee) and safety Wilson (ankle) were all limited in Wednesday’s practice.


Fitz was in a playful mood on Wednesday, so when talk to turned to Patriots QB Tom Brady, Fitz called him a “model of consistency,” serving up the perfect lead-in to a Giselle Bundchen (Brady’s model wife) reference.

“Not to mention he has the most beautiful wife in the world, too, so he’s every man’s dream — or every woman’s dream, I mean,” Fitzgerald said. “I bought a pair of Uggs just to try to be like him.”

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