McCarthy: Pitcher protection easier said than done

Brandon McCarthy sees need for pitcher protection but no practical current solution.

— Brandon McCarthy (@BMcCarthy32) May 8, 2013
At Dodger Stadium prior to Wednesday night's game, McCarthy explained that his issue was with "people talking about something they know nothing about. That just kind of upsets me, hearing people talk in the mind and trying to get notoriety out of it. I don't care who argues with me. It's a matter of trying to get some truth out there."

And he stressed that while there's no practical solution now, he believes one is possible.

"I have a neighbor who is unbelievable at creating stuff. I told him this offseason, do it, there is a lot of money here if you do it right.

"There is an altruistic side where you can protect people, which is nice. (But) people who make seat-belt parts don't do it for saving lives, they do it to make money. That's how everything works. If someone does it, we'll all benefit."

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