Arizona unveils new-look football uniforms

With the release of a video titled “Make a Statement,” the Arizona athletic department on Monday officially unveiled the school’s new football uniforms, which had been the subject of much offseason speculation and were previewed in a teaser video released by the school last week.

While there have been no notable changes to the traditional red/white/blue color scheme — other than the inclusion of a copper helmet, which was actually integrated last season as an ode to the state’s copper mining tradition — there are a few significant changes.

Probably the most obvious: the new-look numbers, which are in a blocky, italicized font and also feature an unusual gradient color scheme with red fading into blue (or vice versa).

Also of note are the sleeves, which have a similar gradation that allows the sleeve to stand out visually from the rest of the jersey.

And the school’s press release pointed out that uniform designer Nike produced jerseys and pants in all three of the school’s colors — officially dubbed cardinal, navy and white — to support a variety of combinations.

The helmets, which also appear in all three colors as well as copper, do not appear to have changed.

For a better look, check out the official video:

While the modifications to the sleeves and numbers add some color to unis that had previously been generic, for lack of a better term, changes as a whole seem relatively minor. Then again, given the blowback from some recent Nike overhauls, that may be a good thing.